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Keeping Well at Work 

Written for staff experiencing stress, depression and anxiety, this booklet complements the MINDFUL EMPLOYER Line Managers' Resource (see below) and helps employees to consider:

  • Managing health at work
  • Talking to managers
  • Returning to work after sick leave
  • Dealing with questions from colleagues

Only £1.00 per copy including p&p - Order Online to invest in copies for your staff - there's a 10% discount (so 90p each) if your employer is a Charter signatory.


MINDFUL EMPLOYER Line Managers' Resource 

With contributions from line managers in a range of businesses and organisations, a Foreword by Dame Carol Black & David Frost CBE and comments from Dr Steve Boorman and others, this guide provides practical information and advice covering:

  • Mental health conditions & recovery
  • Mentally healthy workplaces
  • The importance of talking in the workplace
  • Keeping in touch during sickness absence
  • Planning a return to work & reasonable adjustments
  • Sources of other information, help and training

Only £4.00 per copy including p&p - Order Online to invest in copies for your managers. There's a 10% discount (£3.60 each) if your employer is a Charter signatory.



A general tri-fold A4 leaflet giving an overview of the initiative - and space for your company logo to be overprinted. Contact us for a sample copy and to discuss prices.


Free downloads 

All the documents shown below are in pdf format (opens with Adobe Reader). Click on the bold text to download or to link to website. If for any reason you have difficulty accessing or reading these documents then please contact us.

Making Work Work Making Work Work is designed to enable and support discussion about how stress, anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions affects someone at work. It is intended to aid communication, understanding and support – it’s a document to help make work work. It is a living document to be reviewed regularly by both the employee and manager and amended as appropriate (e.g. when there is a change of manager or role). It can be used as a short term or long term measure.

It may be helpful to develop a wellbeing plan - and here's a real example of how one person has found that to be helpful.

Feeling Stressed: Keeping Well This personal workbook offers ways of developing an effective and very practical, common sense approach to overcoming distressing symptoms arising from harmful levels of stress. It's a tool with which you can gain more control over problems or difficulties you encounter as a result of stress caused by workload, realtionships with colleagues, outside  work pressures or other issues.

Requesting a Doctor's Report At the Working for Health conferences employers and doctors highlighted the need for better communication. Requests by employers for medical reports from GPs were one of the many issues discussed. This paper offers some suggestions and ideas for employers about what to include in such requests.





Published in February 2016, Keep Talking About Mental Health is our second survey of people working for MINDFUL EMPLOYER Charter signatories. This survey indicates a clear link between the level of awareness of the Charter and the ability to talk about mental health. Two-thirds of employees with a current condition who knew their employer was a signatory were able to talk to the manager about their situation. Like our previous survey (see below) this one also indicates that the most likely response to such disclosure is one where the manager listens, is supportive and is understanding – and not the negative response that is often feared. Other findings among employees was that the most common reason for not talking about mental ill health was the fear it would go against them, yet the least common response by the employer was disciplinary action. The survey also showed that employers can do more to increase awareness of their commitment to the Charter and would benefit from investing in training and liaising more closely with doctors and healthcare professionals.

Let's Talk About Mental Health This survey of people working for MINDFUL EMPLOYER Charter signatories found that 3 in 5 employees had talked to their manager about a current mental health condition. Published in February 2014. 

MINDFUL EMPLOYER - An Evaluation This qualitative study, published in July 2012, supported by Devon Partnership NHS Trust and Sheffield Hallam University considers how MINDFUL EMPLOYER has improved employer support for staff with mental health conditions. Containing recommendations and practical suggestions which employers can implement within the aims and aspirations of their own business. Click here for the full evaluation and here for an executive summary.

Working for Health 'Working for Health’ conferences took place in May & December 2006 and brought together GPs and employers. This document (which is a revision of the one published in May 2006) brings together some of the common issues raised by delegates about links between GPs and employers and in managing sickness absence together. It offers statements on good practice and suggestions to assist in building on and improving current procedures.


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