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This page contains a range of links to other useful websites and publications - if you know of any others please contact us. There are also links to other websites on the Available Help pages.



NHS Choices contains a wealth of information about mental health conditions. All information is evidence-based and regularly reviewed.

ACAS has a range of useful information and resources, some of which was developed in conjunction with MINDFUL EMPLOYER including an online course on mental health awareness for employers.

Fit for Work is a free government-led initiative that supports people with physical and mental health issues stay in work, and return to work after long-term sickness absence. Visit the Fit for Work website or call the advice line on 0800 032 6235 (English) or 0800 032 6233 (Welsh) for more information.

Gov.UK contains information about employment law and other related issues.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists have a section of their site devoted to mental health and work.


Access Ability has been set up by providers of Work Choice and Access to Work (the government's disability employment programmes) and offers employers guidance and information on local support in relation to employing people with disabilities.

Addiction & Mental Health in the workplace is an infographic to help assess the impact on businesses.

Alcohol Smart Employer is aimed at educating employers about alcohol and work and has produced Apps for Android and iPhones.

Corporate Soul Consulting supports individuals and organisations in maintaining a healthy balance in the workplace - in alleviating stress and anxiety through bespoke 1:1 and group programmes. Our approach is unique and grounded in clinical effectiveness - comprising breath work, movement, and relaxation practices. 

Embrace Resilience help employers engage their workforce in delivering preventative training in mental health and physical wellbeing.  Courses are delivered online via a ‘Wellbeing Ecosystem’. It’s called an Ecosystem because subscriptions paid by employers allow Embrace Resilience to deliver free online learning in resilience and wellbeing to schools, unpaid carers and community groups. 

Watch this video on Five Ways to Wellbeing produced by our colleagues at Devon Partnership NHS Trust

Health Work & Well-Being Published by ACAS, this website contains information on health and the workplace, stress, alcohol and drug policies and other material including a booklet to download.

Hub4 provides online training courses on mental health awareness and mindfulness.

Human Givens Institute provides straightforward psychological information and training that helps businesses create working environments which meet the innate needs of staff at all levels.

Hypnotherapy Directory provides details of hypnotherapists across the UK.

Life Coach Directory provides a range of information about and contact with life coaches.

Mental Health at Work provides a range of resources and toolkits.

Minddistrict provides EAP providers and companies with a white-labelled digital solution for employee wellbeing. Their digital platform supports employees via self-help but is also used for guided mental health treatment by counsellors. 

Moodscope allows users to record their mood on a four-point scale, and the results are combined into a daily score, which can be plotted on a graph and tracked over time.'

Parenting brings its own pressures which can affect staff mental wellbeing - accredited online course about children 0-18 years, and an online antenatal course, by the Solihull Approach, part of Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust at or

Red Umbrella offers a range of services including training and an employee assistance programme to help employers address mental wellbeing.

The Shaw Trust's mental health web resource provides lots of information to help manage mental ill health at work and a helpline for line managers. Developed in association with MINDFUL EMPLOYER and others,

Strannik Technology is based upon a mathematical model of how the brain regulates the autonomic nervous system and how pathological onset influences brain function. It is able to re-establish the normal and coherent function of the brain. Initial research has illustrated that this has potential in the management of mental health issues e.g. the screening and treatment of depression, anxiety, dyslexia, sleeping disorders, migraine, etc. 

Time To Change aims to end discrimination faced by people experiencing mental ill health. The initiative includes a specific Pledge and Healthcheck and a number of other initiatives for employers to bring in to the workplace

UK National Work-Stress Network provides a range of information and contacts.



ACAS guidance on mental health and work MINDFUL EMPLOYER has worked in partnership with ACAS to develop guidance on mental health and work.

Don't Mix It! - Alcohol & Work The HSE have produced a free employers' guide to alcohol and work focusing on topics including the effects on individuals, the legal position, providing information and the implications of screening.

Guidance on the Fit Note The Statement of Fitness for Work, or 'fit note', aims to focus on what an employee may be able to do at work rather than what they cannot do. Visit the Acas website for more information.

Health & Safety Executive (HSE) have kindly agreed to us carrying these three publications for you to download: Work-Related Stress: A Short Guide  Tackling Stress: A Guide for Employees and  Tackling Stress: The Management Standards Approach

Identifying & Solving the Most Common Stress Risks in the Workplace by Professor Cary Cooper

Learning how to manage stress in the workplace is a helpful article from the USA by Maddie Jones.  

MAS's Professor Derek Mowbray has created 3 white papers to help prevent stress at work: The Management Standards for a Healthy OrganisationThe Manager’s Code of Conduct  and Resilience and strengthening resilience in individuals 

NICE Guidance: Promoting mental wellbeing through productive and healthy working conditions: guidance for employers The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence have produced this guidance for those who have a direct or indirect role in, and responsibility for, promoting mental wellbeing at work. This includes all employers and their representatives, irrespective of the size of the business or organisation and whether they are in the public, private, or voluntary sectors. The guidance makes a number of recommendations. 

From OFAI, this comprehensive resource includes articles, tips and tools for managing stress in the workplace.

Professional's guide to office time management is a helpful article from the USA by Nathan Strum to help reduce stress.

Relationship breakdowns are a risk to wellbeing by Marc Lopatin reveals the results of a study in to the effect of separation and divorce on mental wellbeing and the ability to work.

Here's a Stress Risk Assessment from the Fit for Work service

The Little Book of Resilience is by Liggy Webb and contains a range of helpful tips. 

UNUM have produced The SMEs Guide to Sickness Management

Working Together to Reduce Stress at Work This leaflet has been produced by the International Stress Management Association and is supported by HSE, ACAS, TUC and the CIPD.

Work and the Menopause - A Guide for Managers The menopause is not a mental health diagnosis, but some potential symptoms of the menopause, such as depression, are mental health conditions and this guide helps managers to respond accordingly.


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