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Support in the voluntary sector

Posted by Mark on 10 January, 2017

At mental health charity, Coventry AIMHS 100% of the staff have been directly affected by mental ill health at some point within their lives. They use positively worded job adverts e.g. 'having direct experience of mental ill health would be a positive advantage'. All staff have regular documented supervision and one to one support, annual appraisals and peer support and specific questions relating to stress and mental well-being are discussed regularly.

Trident Reach the People Charity in Birmingham  also have a similar approach to supervision, a counselling service available to all staff, a Health & Wellbeing Officer and a staff member trained in THRIVE working in every service. Their Employee Council exists to support and voice the staffs opinions in all employee matters that arise.

Huddersfield based S2R have an ethos that makes it easy to discuss past and current wellbeing and try to ensure that a good work / life balance is maintained for all. As Janet Pollard writes, 'We recognise that wellbeing is a variable - life affects us all in different ways at different times - if someone feels they are going through a time of stress, we try to help them find a way of coping that works for them. We are a small team and this means that no one gets lost. Our policies for recruitment underpin our ethos.’

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