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Offers & Discounts for Charter Signatories

Charter signatories* receive:

*These offers (and those shown below) are open to all employees of current signatories to the Charter. If you are unsure whether your employer is a signatory then click here for a list of the current ones.


Alison de Matos Hypnotherapy - 10% discount

Hypnotherapy is a safe approach, that can help wellbeing, helping you to enjoy and achieve at work, have more effective relationships with work colleagues, handle difficult relationships or people, feel more confident, achieve goals, express yourself confidently in meetings, deliver presentations, or pass work related exams and much more. It can also help you to become your ideal weight and maintain it, feeling more confident with increased energy.Alison is a qualified and insured Hypnotherapist with her own practice. She I also works through Skype, Zoom and facetime to support you, with your goals. She offers a free 30-minute consultation, this can be done over the phone, by Skype, Zoom or facetime. Weekdays, 6am- 10pm, Saturday and Sundays, 8am-9pm. Fees are £60 for 1 session, book 3 sessions in advance, if required £150. Hypnotherapy is short term therapy. Sessions last up to an hour. Contact for more details


Anxiety UK Training & Consultancy Service - 10% discount

Anxiety UK is an anxiety disorders charity and has experience of delivering training, consultancy and partnerships services for a wide range of clients including major blue chip companies, SMEs, health organisations, schools and colleges as well as Third Sector organisations and charities.

Their training and consultancy services covers a wide range of topics including: 

  • Anxiety disorders awareness training
  • Panic attacks and anxiety
  • Stress and anxiety at work
  • Anxiety and young people
  • Children, OCD and school
  • Health anxiety awareness
  • PTSD awareness 

Additionally they are able to design and deliver bespoke training packages to cater for individual organisational requirements initiatives at a location and time to suit. They can also deliver our training sessions via Webinar, should this be suitable to the organisation. For more information contact Training, Consultancy & Partnerships Co-ordinator, 08444 775774 


Big White Wall 24/7 online mental health support – 10% discount

Big White Wall provides digital mental health service, offering safe, anonymous peer support, guided self-help courses and access to counsellors online 24/7. 95% of their members report feeling better after using Big White Wall, and 73% share an issue for the first time.

Big White Wall is pleased to offer charter signatories a 10% reduction in the per head cost of buying Big White Wall digital mental health support for their employees. To find out more, call 0203 574 4561 or email

To watch a film about how Big White Wall works, click here


Mindlife Journeys - 25% discount

Mindful Life Journeys create Mindful programs to help people achieve their potential and organisations improve performance.  Linking Mindful practice, meditation and practical activities to core competencies and company culture to support mental health and encourage mindsets such as confidence, self belief, empathy, creativity, job satisfaction and developing behaviours such as leadership and teamwork.  Charter signatories can benefit from 10% discount on corporate services and 25% discount to staff who would like to subscribe directly to our “Everyday Meditations for Everyday People” subscriptions.  Contact us on or via the web link above for more information. 


The Learning Architect 

Modern Life Skills – free access 

The Learning Architect has launched an online library of Modern Life Skills. With a portfolio of 20 life skills based on the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) model. This divides life skills into subsets of categories which include the following: Cognitive abilities - Personal abilities - Interpersonal abilities. You will find a range of over 100 easy to navigate and digest toolkits, tips, articles and videos that will equip you to cope in all areas of your life. There is a diverse range from building personal resilience, managing your emotions, coping with change, healthy eating, giving up smoking to building positive relationships and even how to mend a broken heart! Visit for more information and then email to claim your free access, quoting MINDFUL EMPLOYER.

Book Offer – 25% Discount on all books

Liggy Webb has written various books to equip people to positively cope with the demands and challenges of everyday living visit You can choose any title and receive a 25% discount plus no charge for P & P to anywhere in the UK. Please quote DPT and email  to order your copies. Personalised signed copies are also  available upon request.

Liggy is also offering free hard copies of The Little Book of Resilience and Burnout - email her as shown above quoting MINDFUL EMPLOYER.


The Northern Centre for Mindfulness and Compassion – discounts on in-house and public training

Mindfulness training offers employers, a scientifically backed and cost effective means, of both encouraging employees to take an active approach to looking after their minds and responding to those who are experiencing mental health problems.  The Northern Centre for Mindfulness and Compassion is pleased to offer employers a 10% discount on in-house mindfulness courses and workshops.  Discounts are also available for organisations wishing to encourage their staff to attend public mindfulness courses.  Further information is available through this link or by emailing .


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